PETA Partners with H&M for their First Vegan Collection

PETA Partners with HM for their First Vegan Collection

We know who’s already sold out: PETA. According to PETA, this vegan collection in collaboration with H&M celebrates the harmonious coexistence of humans and other animals on this planet and the future of fashion. So, PETA, you care about animals but not the humans who make those clothes? Being an ethical company includes being transparent […]

EU Parliament rejects ‘Veggie Burger Ban’ but supports ‘Dairy Ban’

Petition to stop EUs ‘Veggie Burger Ban exceeds 11000 signatures as debate continues TotallyVeganBuzz

Win for veggie and vegan burgers, but plant-based dairy lose out. At this time, EU law already bans the use of terms such as milk, butter and cheese for selling plant-based foods. In addition, descriptions such as ‘yoghurt-style’ or ‘cheese-alternative’ could now be banned too. Veggie disks? Sausages tubes? For those who missed the vote […]