Fired for requesting ‘clean drinking water’

Andrew TS Twitter 738 workers who make Mango clothes in Burma were fired 1

Since I read this post and words by Venetia La Manna, an incredible activist and one of the best call-out accounts I’ve been following for a while who promotes slow fashion, veganism and much more, I couldn’t stop thinking about it: ”Mango fired 738 workers for requesting ‘clean drinking water.” Devastating. You might ask: ”How […]

EU Parliament rejects ‘Veggie Burger Ban’ but supports ‘Dairy Ban’

Petition to stop EUs ‘Veggie Burger Ban exceeds 11000 signatures as debate continues TotallyVeganBuzz

Win for veggie and vegan burgers, but plant-based dairy lose out. At this time, EU law already bans the use of terms such as milk, butter and cheese for selling plant-based foods. In addition, descriptions such as ‘yoghurt-style’ or ‘cheese-alternative’ could now be banned too. Veggie disks? Sausages tubes? For those who missed the vote […]